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Top 7 Places for Dining in Turkey

With ancient wine lands, great Mediterranean produce and a great population, Turkey boast of having one of the most praised food offerings in the world. The country has many eateries, from small to large ones, all offering authentic Turkish delicacies prepared and served by the country’s best chefs. If you are visiting Turkey and are on the lookout for a dining spot, here is a pick of the country’s best offerings.

Hamdi Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind while quenching your hunger for food, Hamdi Restaurant is a place worth giving a try. Boasting 30 years of existence, this establishment has taken the Turkish hospitality industry a notch higher. With its outstanding outdoor roof-top, Hamdi Restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Golden Horn. On offer are lamb kebab and other side dishes.

7 Mehmet Restaurant, Antalya

Providing an outstanding combination of quality food, hospitable staff, and an ambiance location, there is every reason why you should give this restaurant a try. The lovely Mediterranean Sea provides a perfect backdrop for a memorable dinner or lunch experience. Every meal served at Mehmet is of high quality and can be customized to suit your liking.

Mikla hotel, Istanbul

Opened in 2005, this is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul that have taken hospitality a notch higher. Located on the rooftop of one of the city’s premier hotels, Mikla pairs inventive dishes with breathtaking city views. The menu includes but not limited to cherry-smoked lamb loin, mulberry soup, and Aegean octopus.

Doner Restaurant

If you are working on a tight budget, Donerci is a Turkish restaurant that is worth visiting. It serves two main types of dishes – beef and chicken, popularly called doner. Both the beef and chicken are served either in a small thin pita or a large, crusty loaf of baked bread. Either way, you are sure of enjoying a sumptuous and delicious meal that will have you craving for more.

Ulus 29

Back in the capital, Ulus 29 is an exciting dining spot that is nestled in a riverfront. Famous for its outstanding cocktails and mezze, this restaurant serves a variety of meals that suit every taste bud. From freshly caught bluefish to Turkish fare-like yogurt, Ulus 29 is a perfect dining destination. Also served are desserts and house-made ice cream. You can browse to get more information about it.

Kale Cafe

Also located in the capital, this restaurant has been in operation since 1982 and continues to draw crowds, thanks to its amazing offering. Turkish buffalo milk, cold salads, and warm pastries are some of the most unique dishes that Kale Cafe is famed for. Beverages include tea or Turkish coffee, freshly brewed. It is another waterfront dinner spot worth visiting.

Coffeehouse, Bergama

Located at the top of the Acropolis Hill, this pleasant coffeehouse is one of Turkey’s finest coffee restaurants. The restaurant is famed for its unique coffee offering which is prepared from freshly roasted coffee from the Mediterranean. A must-visit dinner place especially if you have a soft spot for coffee.

No matter what your tongue craves for, Turkey has a wide selection of dinner restaurants that fit every budget, taste, and style. Just remember to get your visa for Turkey and get the opportunity to sample the country’s best restaurants.