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Best Places to Dive with Sharks in Fiji


Scuba diving with sharks is an extreme activity many adventure junkies would love to do. Fiji’s amazing waters makes it possible to breed some of the best species of shark. From tiny to powerful sharks, these are some of the best diving spots to get close to these amazing powerful species found in the water.

  • Kuata Island – The Awakening Shark Dive spot on Kuata Island offers an experience to swim next to bull sharks. There are also other types of sharks often spotted such as reef, silver-tip, hammerheads, and tiger sharks. The site also offers educating people about the importance of sharks encouraging them to protect the species.
  • Somosomo Strait – Located in between Vanua Levu and Taveuni islands, the Somosomo Strait is another great site for shark diving. The site offers some really good visibility to spot some of the best shark species such as hammerhead and whitetip reef. The site also offers an opportunity to witness some of the most glamorous corals found in Fiji.
  • Pacific Harbour – One of the top-best site for shark diving is the Pacific Harbour. This site is quite popular to witness bull tiger sharks. The surrounding area around the Pacific Harbour is protected by Marine Reserve. If you wish to dive, then you will need to pay in the form of levy. This levy is then paid to the local village encouraging them not to fish. This practice has increased the shark numbers as well as kept them in good condition.
  • The Great Astrolabe Reef – Located on the Kadavu Island, the reef offers a great opportunity to witness reef and hammerhead sharks. Remember to visit this spot during July and August for the best experience.

The distance to these sites depend on which of the five star Fiji island resorts you reside in.