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Who Wants Comfortable Wedding Shoes?

For formal business, The Codi is beautiful satin sandals and can be colored with asymmetrical rhinestone straps. The heel is 3½ inches. For a more casual affair, The Antonia adds a bit of luxury to its thong style with a metallic rhinestone strap and a 2-inch heel. The shoe is made of gold or silver.

It is also available in satin that can be dyed. If you are looking for comfortable dyeable shoes for marriage then you can visit various online sites.

Slippers with lower heels and a little more support the stability of the ankle are The Anette. This lined number has rhinestone buttons on the ankle, 1½ inch heel, and adjustable ankle strap. The footbed is also soft. It comes in silver or gold.

For brides and bridesmaids who regard heels as a tool for torture more than shoes, there are also various flat shoes, sandals, and flip-flops to keep the big day pain free.

Styles range from classical ballet flats decorated with The Flair, to The Ida; low wedge sandals that are casual, flat and easily dyed. Queenie also features a rope at the end of the foot decorated with crystals and beads.

For bridal party members who plan to start the day with heels and have a flat alternative in standby, flip-flops or bridal sandals is the solution. Examples include The Rena; bejeweled jelly flip-flops are available in clear or smoke colors.

Similarly, the Myra flip-flop has a jewel-encrusted rope, soft soles, and a 1½ inch wedge heel. They are available in white or ivory.

At the tip of the spectrum sandals, The Lennon is satin and pearl-decorated sandals that can be worn under the wedding dress after a full day wearing high heels.