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Information about Sales Funnel Product Structure

Products funnel work in two ways. First, at one end you have a variety of products and at the other end only one or two. Another way of using a funnel is that you pour in a large number of potential customers that are naturally filtered and flow through various levels of the product.

Funnel is very important for the business. You can also get clickfunnels free trial online. We will start from the broad end and take you through the typical types of products and price levels in my sample sales funnel series. Most online businesses start by offering something that is valued by their visitors in exchange for providing details and joining their email list.

This should be your main goal because moving your potential customers through your sales channel is much easier and smoother if you can market it using email. The next step is to promote low-priced products that can be broader eBooks, mp3s or videos.

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Depending on your niche, the price will be between $ 37 and $ 97 – products sold online are generally priced in dollars regardless of their country of origin because this is a global currency.

The next level will involve products in the price range of $ 197 to $ 497. This can be a home study course or a short training program with limited access to you, the seller. Also, not everyone who ultimately invests in your high-end product and program will go through all these intermediary steps so that once the customer has bought from you, don't be afraid to promote all of your more expensive products.

The price range for this bracket is from $ 1000 to $ 5000 and is intended for those who are really serious about studying and mastering your niche content. This can be a training program with regular access and support from you in small groups such as the weekly frequently asked questions call.

At this stage, there is no limit to the price you set for your program and service. This can be in the form of an exclusive puppeteer group or even one-to-one support.