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Reasons Why Staying in a Hostel is better than a Hotel

Hostels are known offer a great accommodation experience along with better facility. Moreover, the popularity of hostels has grown more over hostels for additional reasons. With this information, you will come to know as to why staying in a hostel is better than staying in a hotel.


  1. You Save Money – Staying in a hostel will allow you to save more when compared to fancy hotels. Although, hotels do offer the opportunity of staying in a single room especially for solo travelers, the same can be found in hostels.
  2. It is Cozier – If you wish to experience similar to staying in your own house, hostels are known to offer them to the travelers. Moreover, you get to learn additional things about nearby things such as local bars and pubs then you can get the information from the local staff.
  3. Better Night Experience – Many travelers often prefer to stay in a hostel over a hotel. This gives you the perfect opportunity to meet and have a conversation with them. Additionally, there are bars in hostels where you get to play fun drinking games during the night.
  4. You get to share meals – Few modern hostels breakfast allowing you to share it with fellow travelers. Moreover, you can also cook and share your favorite delicacy with other travelers.
  5. Young Crowd – If you’re in the mid 20’s, then this is the perfect opportunity to gel with travelers. Usually it’s the young crowd that comes to stay in hostel.

Due to these reasons, you can stay in some of the finest Canggu hostels.