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Making Carpets Go That Extra Mile

The technique developed for weaving carpets has its roots in the nomadic lifestyle. This makes them very wear-resistant – a condition where the technique is developed often hard, and the carpet is needed to be able to withstand constant folding and rolling.

Even though modern homes are hardly comparable to the cold waste of steppes or desert heat in the Middle East, your carpet still needs care and attention if you want to get the maximum life out of them.


Constant walking on the carpet makes them vulnerable to damage. The weight of people's feet stretches and compresses the fibers, placing tension on them and weakening the bonds that hold them together. Placing carpets on carpeted floors or underfloor material (such as rubber) can help absorb this damage and prolong fiber life. For hiring Washingtons area rug cleaning for your home you can explore various online sources.


Because a lot of high-patterned rugs, it is possible to lose accumulated dirt. Dirt can attract pests such as carpet mites, which can damage carpet fibers. Indeed, the presence of dust can only increase the friction between fibers at the minute level, and dirty carpets cannot last as long as the carpet is clean as a result.

To keep the carpet clean, gently shake it and clean the surface dust with a light suction or carpet sweeper.

Carpets – especially those made from natural fibers such as wool – tend to dry out over time. This weakens the tapestry structure when the fibers begin to break. Washing your carpet regularly can restore moisture levels and help extend the active period of your carpet. Only shampoo after you have done a simple cleaning as described above.